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Early Bird Shoot
Usually scheduled for late April, our Early Bird shoot is held to celebrate the arrival of spring or the anticipation of warmer shooting weather. Shooting starts at 9 a.m. and barbecued chicken dinners are served starting at 11:30 a.m. A typical day brings out enough people to consume 200 dinners and fill 100 squads of shooters. We throw in Backups and a few Annie Oakleys to liven up the competition. For those who can't win a chicken from the shooting line, we have pie shoot opportunities throughout the day.

Kippley Shoot
Named for one of the founders of the trap club whose family supports the existence of the club in its present location, this June shoot has become a Father's Day tradition. Shooting starts at 9:00 AM and our chicken barbecue dinners are ready to eat or take out by 11:30 a.m. The Kippley Shoot is a family event for many, and like all our chicken shoots, is open to the public. We generally serve 240 dinners and run about 100 squads through chicken shoots, backups and Annie Oakleys.

Bruno Breunig Memorial Shoot
Held in memory of the late Irwin "Bruno" Breunig, this shoot takes place in late August near the end of our summer shooting season at the club. Shooting and eating occur in much the same manner as described for our other shoots. This event is also highlighted by the drawings for our annual raffle. By this time of the year, shooters have competed in numerous ATA-registered events, leagues and related events in the area. Thus, the competition to win a frozen chicken, pizza or ham is quite sharp.

Fun Day
Each year we hold a special event for our members to say thanks for their support and to have a little fun. Members receive a chicken dinner, courtesy of the club, and each qualifies to participate in a 16-yard, 50-bird shoot to determine a club champion. Additionally, we hold an auction for items donated by members and friends of the club. We end Fun Day with lively bidding on The Ear of Corn trophy. This item has become a fundraising tradition since it was first picked and auctioned off in 1976. We are on our second ear of corn, the first having succumbed to age about 15 years ago.

Winter League
The club holds a Winter League beginning the first Sunday in December and running through the first Sunday in April. Needless to say, it takes a unique mind and attitude to shoot trap in Wisconsin in the dead of winter, but it is a niche we have chosen to fill for almost 30 years. Shooters participate on a first-come, first-served basis, which fits the reality of the club having only one trap. After three weeks of shooting, teams are created by matching the score totals of the participants. Teams are thus created equal and are subsequently challenged to distinguish themselves for first through third team prizes and high guns (men, women, juniors). League scores must be shot without practice (warm-up only in the clubhouse) and restrictions prevent "fair weather" shooting strategies.

500-Bird Marathon
In contrast to the restrictions and challenges of our Winter League, we offer the Marathon as an open competition throughout the year. The guiding principle is to "take your best shot and post your best scores" to be the winner of this event. With the only restriction that you declare a Marathon round before you shoot it, our mission is give shooters the opportunity to post their best 20 rounds of trap shot at the club. In the spirit of the educator who suggested it, each participant can replace up to five rounds of lower trap scores if he or she thinks a better score is possible. Once declared, however, the replacement must be made regardless of whether the score is better or worse than the one being replaced.


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